About us

interior-paintingWho We Are

We pride ourself on our European roots and our European-based philosophies. We place high value on craftsmanship, quality of work, and dedication to every task. We strongly believe that each of our projects deserves the highest degree of skill, talent, knowledge, and experience. These attributes are very important to us, as are our beliefs that our customers’ ratings of “Good Job” don’t suffice ~Our goal is to always earn the ratings of “Excellent Job”.

What We Do

We paint interiors and exteriors of single-family homes, town homes, condominiums, new construction, offices, and commercial buildings. We also paint cabinets, stain or paint decks and porches, as well as wrought iron fences and gates.  Whatever the project, it is our main focus, the center of or our attention, and we make certain it receives the dedicated care and skill it deserves.

How We Do It

Using the highest-quality products and materials, we at European Professional Painters carefully proceed through every step of the process professionally, so that an excellent result is always achieved. Although we constantly keep our time commitments in mind, we complete each stage with attention to details, because we are constantly striving to satisfy you, our customer. This is our main endeavor.

Why Choose European Professional Painters?



Simply stated, when you’re choosing a painting company, you’ll want to choose
European Professional Painters.